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The Muslim Kids Show

Education video for kids. Showreel for TMKS Facts videos

The Muslim Kids Show

Join Anas on his space travels, learn more about the creation of Allah.

The Muslim Kids Show

Season 1/2 and 3 of the Muslim Kids Show animal facts

The Muslim Kids Show

Learn how to do Maths with our Videos & Games in our education section

The Muslim Kids Show

Join Abdul Hakim with Stories from the Quran & Sunnah

The Muslim Kids Show

The life of Muhammad PBUH and how Islam spread around the world


I love skipping, playing outside and helping my mom with the gardening. I always ask a lot of questions in class, help with jobs in the classroom, And I even helped organize a summer fair , to raise money for charity

I am Saliha


I am the leader of a secret club , and my friend and I love going on secret missions together. i play for my school football team because they say i am the fastest runner !

I am Assad


I am captain of the school football team. Besides football, I enjoy karate and archery. On weekend, I enjoy attending my youth club, where I get to see all my friends and learn about Islam

I am Anas


I am a hafidh, and I love reciting Quran for my family and friends. I like going to my swimming class, riding my bike and playing in the park with my friends.

I am Bissma