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Welcome Parents / Guardians

Education is Key. The Muslim Kids Show is not only a place of fun and learning for young Muslim minds, but also a platform to unite Muslim communities around the world.


“The Muslim Kids Show is ideal for parents who are home schooling as it has helped me to keep up with the National Curriculum as well as my child’s Islamic Education. The games are safe, beneficial and fun for learning for young minds.”
Abu Khadeejah

What we offer on our site?

About the Muslim Kids Show Website


The Muslim Kids Show is a fun and interactive Islamic website which aims to encourage children to use their imagination and creativity to discover the wonders of the world around them. We hope our website will arouse curiosity, inspire love for The Creator and instill the passion of learning, within children. Our stories, games and activities are designed to encourage children to imagine, explore and discover, with Islam as their first and foremost priority. The Muslim Kids Show provides a safe and secure platform for children which will encourage them to be inquisitive, to be active, to love nature, and most importantly, to be comfortable with being Muslim and proud of Islam as their way of life.
The Muslim Kids Show is designed to entertain and educate children, with stories about Islam and the Prophet (pbuh), as well as curriculum focused educational programs for English, Maths and Science.
Come and meet our Qualified Teachers and see their Qualifications.  We only use Qualified Tutors on the Muslim Kids Show to insure your children get the best there is to offer.

The Muslim Kids Show Programs

What we offer on our site?
  • Islamic Stories of Islam and the Prophet (pbuh)
  • Moral focused stories starring The Fruity Bunch


EYFS, Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2
EYFS, Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2
EYFS, Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2
Guides to prayer and the 5 Pillars of Islam
EYFS, Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2
EYFS, Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2

Competitions And Events​

There will be weekly competitions and weekly rewards for active children who have achieved top marks on their tests. Competitions will also include Qur’an recitals for children and competition winners will be given certificates and prizes as well as recorded on the site to keep children engaged.
The Muslim Kids Show holds events for children and parents all around the UK and may be coming to a city near you soon. The purpose of our events is not just to unite our communities but also to spread Islamic Knowledge in a fun and interactive way to the next generation. At these events, we focus on entertaining children as well as getting parents involved in games and offer advice and tips on activities you can play with your children at home.


  • Daily brain teasers
  • Word search
  • Crosswords
  • Educational games

Reading Program

The Colour Codes


4 – 5 Year Olds

Literacy is taught as part of the curriculum along with Communication and Language in preparation for reading and writing at this age.  The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is the first step in your child’s reading and writing at Nursery and Reception stage. At this age, speaking and listening play a big part in literacy which is why it is critical to support your child at home with word activities, rhyming and joining-in with stories.  At The Muslim Kids Show we have many activities and stories to support reading, writing and phonics learning at the EYFS level. Our curriculum-focused RED program is designed to start on the basics of learning letter formation and sounds with engaging stories, and develop to use of basic punctuation.

Program Benefits:

  • Naming and sounding the letters of the alphabet
  • Linking sounds to letters (phonics)
  • Recognising groups of letters, for example, ‘ck’ and ‘ee’
  • Hearing and saying sounds in words
  • Recognising familiar and common words
  • Understanding the structure of a story i.e. beginning, middle and end
  • Speaking clearly and grammatically
  • Listening effectively

Tips to try at home:

  • Learn & recite the Qur’an together with small prices to encourage learning. 
  • In the car, listen to stories and children’s audio books to help feed the imagination.
  • When you read a new story, ask your child to predict the ending
  • Acting out stories
  • Look at a picture book together and play a spotting game
  • Making up stories, rhymes and poems


5 - 7 Year Olds

At this age, everything starts to become a little more formal as the freedom and play of Reception are replaced with organised activities in Year 1. The GREEN program is designed to match your child’s more structured English lessons; with our two-level program you will be able to track your child’s progress in line with the school curriculum. We present fun and engaging stories, and aim to develop the habit of reading often, for both pleasure and education. 
Literacy is made up of four aspects:
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Speaking
The Muslim Kids Show presents a fun way of learning words and sounds that will help you support learning at home. Our two-level program follows the school curriculum, focusing on all the core areas, such as writing sentences with correct punctuation, reading with intonation, forming letters correctly and accurate spelling.

Program Benefits:

Level 1
  • Be able to use their phonic knowledge to read words
  • Know all the phonemes (sounds) and know which letters or groups of letters correspond to them
  • Read words with -s, -es, -ing, -ed, -er and -est endings
  • Read a range of poems, stories and non-fiction
  • Be able to re-tell stories that they know
  • Correct their own inaccurate reading
Level 2
  • Become more fluent in reading as their phonic knowledge increases
  • Read words of two or more syllables accurately
  • Read words containing common suffixes (-ed, -ing, -y, -ness, -ful, -ment)
  • Read a range of poetry, stories and non-fiction
  • Self-correct inaccurate reading
  • Predict what will happen in a story on the basis of what has been read so far

Tips to try at home:

  • Visit your local library
  • Read regularly to your child and have them read to you
  • If your child is not keen on stories, try fact-based non-fiction books or a comic to spark their interest


7 – 11 Year Olds

At Key Stage 2 your child will be faced with more challenging text, such as plays and poetry and a range of non-fiction stories. You can consolidate English learning at home with our GOLD program, designed to develop spelling, grammar and punctuation at a KS2 level, with challenging tests and spelling competitions. At this level they will be encouraged to use more imaginative words, characters and dialogue. With this intense four-level program we support your child’s development in their literacy learning with targeted stories, activities and games. 
The Four Level Program will cover:
  • Educational facts
  • Adventure and mystery
  • Stories from the Qur’an & Sunah
  • Exams & Tests 
  • Plays and dialogue
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Significant authors
  • Audio Books
  • Persuasive writing
  • Non-fiction: reports, instructions, information texts

Program Benefits:

  • Growing knowledge of root words, prefixes and suffixes to read aloud and understand the meaning of new words
  • Read a range of fiction, poetry, plays and non-fiction texts
  • Re-tell stories orally
  • Understand characters’ feelings through action words, justifying their inference with evidence

Tips to try at home:

  • Keep reading together, even if your child is fluent
  • Branch out – children develop favourite authors or themes at this age, but it’s good to broaden their choices by offering alternatives. Ask at your local library for ideas for new authors, visit our storytime page to benefit from our wide range of fun books.
  • Word puzzles can be fun – encourage them to try a simple word search (available on our Games page)

The Importance of Seeking Knowledge
By Sheikh Muhammad AL Malki

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Reading Program


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£ 3.99
  • Storytime
  • Games
  • Competitions & Quizzes with Rewards & Prizes
  • Event & Movies
  • Make & Colour
  • Facts Videos
  • Islamic History
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Monthly rate
£ 5.99
  • All Standard Features
  • National Curriculum educational Programs & games. Maths / English / Science / Geography / Islamic Studies.


Monthly rate
£ 8.99
  • Standard & Education Features
  • Arabic Classes & Medina Learning Arabic books 1,2 & 3
  • Qur'an Madrasah Classes( One 2 One Online Classes) With Professional Qur'an Teachers
  • Understanding the Qur'an classes, stories & Competitions with big prizes. Student of knowledge courses & Competitions, & much more.