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The Muslim Kids Show’s teachers and tutors are dedicated to the social and academic growth and development of every child. Our experienced educators deliver stimulating lessons that will inspire and encourage your child to become a more successful learner.

Your child is able to learn from the comfort of your own home, receiving our high quality education programs through their computers, iPads and tablets. Accessing our lessons is easy. When you subscribe to The Muslim Kids Show you will be sent your own personal login details.

Our educational program provides online teaching for carefully selected subjects. Our education programs are high quality, with a firm foundation in both the UK National Curriculum and Islamic teachings. Our professional educators have diverse experiences maintaining high standards of education with an emphasis on reading, writing and numeracy skills. These core skills are the fundamental foundations which will help your child to be confident within a subject – for example, knowing their times tables, numerical bonds or phonics.

The Muslim Kids Show presents the wonderful tutors who make this program possible and meaningful:

Alison Clements-Wheeler

Heather Clements-Wheeler

Subjects: Geography.
Qualification: BA (Hons) Geography, MSc Applied Meteorology and Climatology, PGCE, MA Education

About Me
I am a fully qualified teacher with twenty years experience of teaching Geography, Travel and Tourism, Citizenship, History, English and ICT. I left the classroom in 2013 and initially trained teachers nationally on behalf of two UK exam boards and two private companies. I recently chose to return to teaching, but this time I chose to work online. I am now a part-time head of geography in a UK online school. I also set GCSE and A-level examinations for a UK exam board.

Amani Said Mohamed Wahb

Amani Said Mohamed Wahb

Subjects: Islamic Studies.
Qualification: BA English Language, Diploma in Medical Secretarial Studies.

About Me
I was born in Madinah, Saudi Arabia, although I am Egyptian and I was raised in Lebanon. I lived for ten years in Florida & New York, USA and over seventeen years in the United Kingdom. I am a linguist holding a Bachelor degree of English Language and a certified Qur’an teacher; Ejazah holder of whole Qur’an memorisation and proper recitation. I have taught the Qur’an and Tadjweed for many years, at all levels, both to Arabs and non-Arabs. I have mastered both English and Arabic, tailoring lessons to match abilities and ease challenges. I am experienced in teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language and using knowledge of phonetics in improving articulations of Arabic alphabets.

Nassifu Lugolobi

Nassifu Lugolobi

Subjects: Qur’an Teacher.
Qualification: Madina Islamic University, Saudi Arabia.

About Me
I have taught the Qur’an at various levels including Madrasahs at Hidaya Islamic Institute and Wow Learning for a period over three years. I had memorised the Qur’an 4-5 years ago under Sheikh Sharif Ibn Ali Zain.

Ustad Waseem Khan

Ustadh Waseem Khan

Subjects: Islamic Studies.
Qualification: BA Hons in English & History, alongside master’s degree in education from the University of Warwick

About Me

Wasim Khan has benefited from studying with the scholars from Pakistan, Egypt and the UK on various Islamic sciences & utilises his spare time towards inspiring & motivating people, especially the youth, towards the teachings of Islam.   
Waseem Khan holds a BA hons in English & History, alongside a masters degree in Education from the University of Warwick. He is currently completing a Masters in Philanthropic studies at the University of Kent. Wasim Khan is also a presenter for the Muslim Kids Show & Iqra TV.

Ustadh Deen Manning

Subjects: English.
Qualification: QTLS, FPMS, PTLLS

About Me

Media Studies, Creative Digital Technologies & English Tuition, Videography, Graphic Design & Branding, Live & Studio Acoustic Engineering, Audio Capture, Composition & Sound Design, Technical Consultancy & Event Management. English Tutor for The Muslim Kids Show.